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Controllers - For Yacht Hydraulics

For early relay based controllers type MPC as supplied to Seaway-Powell Marine Ltd, Max-Power Marine, and others please click here.

The KS range of controls for Yacht Hydraulics are designed to make installation and integration simple and effective. When a switch is pressed to activate a hydraulically driven item two things need to happen, a valve needs to be opened and a pump told to supply oil. It is possible to wire the switch directly to the valve but the wiring, and the switch, have to be big enough to take the amperage. This adds costs and large switches do not look good. Then there is the problem of controlling the pumps. A good electrician with hydraulics knowledge can build a control cabinet using relays and timers that will do the job but the space required and the time taken justs adds further costs.

The KS range is designed to operate with any type of switch including outputs from touch screen panels. This gives the designer freedom of choice as to style of panel used and because most of the wiring is lighter, reduces the cost of installation. A small slave board is fitted between switch and valve and a single wire is fed to the pump controller. Simple control panel or panels situated at the helm, bridge, engine room or wherever, allow selection of the pump(s) and indicate which are selected. The KS range also includes thruster control, dual speed control, hatch and door control with safety interlocking, keel control both lifting and canting, in fact control of any hydraulically driven item and all seamlessly working together.

The KS121 range of pump controllers can be used individually in a Load Sensing system or as part of the KS Hydraulic Control System. Each pump is easily selected or deselected from any control panel. All controllers have emergency stop input which immediately disengages the pump(s).

KS121-Eng Controller for Engine or Generator driven pumps. Cannot be selected if engine/generator not running. Simple demand signal engages clutch and moments later the Load Sense valve. When demand signal ceases the LS valve is switched off but the clutch remains engaged for a further one minute, this is to prevent shock loading of the pump and clutch when a function such as a winch requires quick repeat operation. Outputs to control panel to indicate “Pump Selected” and “Pump Running” plus signals for ship’s monitoring. Provision is also provided for the disengaging of the pump should a signal for High Oil Temperature or Low Oil be received.
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KS121-A/C Controller for A/C motor driven pump. Same operation as KS121-Eng. Cannot be selected if A/C power not available.
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KS121-D/C Controller for DC motor driven pump. Simple demand signal engages motor contactor and moments later the Load Sense valve. When demand signal ceases, the LS valve and motor contactor are switched off. Same outputs and protection as KS121-Eng with the addition of Motor Heat detection.
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KS122-Slave Interface between switch and valve with signal line to pump controller(s). Designed to be located next to valve manifold block and can handle up to 8 valves. Switches can be powered from the interface via protected output or direct from ship’s supply.
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KS123-Windlass Allows a single speed windlass to have two adjustable haul-in speeds and two adjustable pay-out speeds when used with a PVG proportional valve. Inputs are provided for a remote hand control and a foot switch for slow haul-in.
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KS124-Control Provides automatic control of a hatch, transom door, lifting keel etc. fitted with locking devices and limit/proximity switches. Output for ship’s monitoring system confirming that it is open/down, closed/up and locked.
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KS109-Radio Control Provides simple keyfob control. When used with a passerelle allows crew to retract unit when going ashore and prevents easy unauthorised access to Yacht.
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Control Panels We can manufacture control panels using our computer controlled engaving machine. These can be Stainless, Anodised Aluminium or Oil and Weather resistant composite plastic. The latter can be front engraved or rear engraved allowing backlighting to show through panel.
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