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Marinized 12/24v Controls and Marine Hydraulics

Early Controllers
Full MPC Hydraulic Control
MPC Hydraulic control system showing 2 x MPC1s, 4 x MPSF10 slaves and an MPC3. A total of 60 inputs controlling 60 valves, 2 DC Pumps for silent running and a Generator driven pump.
MPC system was the original pump controller fitted to many boats from the end of the 1990s. The system was designed to simplify the wiring required for the larger hydraulic installation and provide overall control.
The controllers are still available for those who prefer relays to full electronic controllers.

MPC1 DC Pump controller with 10 valve interface each fitted with flow and pressure selection. Designed to control a DC pump with 3 flow rates and 2 pressures. There are inputs for further slave valve interfaces (MPSF series) allowing a limitless expansion. When linked with MPC3 Engine/Generator pump controller it will automatically shut down the DC pump if the Engine pump is running.
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MPC3 Engine/Generator pump controller. Will only operate if engine is running and pump is selected to run. Controls pump clutch with non-use time out function, pump load sense valve and output to MPC1 to de-select DC Pump.
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MPSF6,8,10 Slave interfaces increases the number of valves controlled in a MPC system

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